CAM international market

Founded in 1997, CAM international market is a local grocery supermarket specialized in Asian and East European foods. 

Currently, we have CAM international market Columbus, CAM international market Cincinnati and CAM international market Cleveland. In Ohio, We are the largest modern stores carrying complete lines of products from fresh vegetables and the fruits, meat poultry and seafood, canned, bottled and packaged seasonings, sauces, cookies, noodles, rice, as well as frozen dim-sins and more than 10,000 items total. 

Our customers describe the markets in such words: neat and clean, complete varieties, competitive prices and good services. 

CAM international markets also very much welcome local small businesses to partner with us through either setting up a booth, rent an in store counter or open a dine in or carry out food service as well as be our products suppliers. 

During this difficult pandemic, we are the first large size markets which implement glass shield separation at the check-out, mandatory mask wearing requirement, and temperature monitoring of every one at the entrance. We are very much emphasizing the safety of our employees and our customers.